HCG Diet Steps

HCG Diet Steps

are very important to know.

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Your-hcg Diet is very easy to follow and shows immediate results.

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Here are Your-HCG diet steps:

1. Loading Stage – 2 days
2. 500-800 calories diet day – strict diet 30-60 days
3. Maintenance 30 days

Each step is very important and cannot be skipped or disregarded or altered.
It is very important to follow this diet from A to Z.

Your-HCG Diet Step 1

Step One of HCG Diet is loading.

Loading is super important. Not doing proper loading will most definitely will cause hunger on the week two of the HCG Diet.
How to do loading properly? Eat fatty food. Most people consider fatty food as foods that have a lot of carbs. This is not what person on the loading stage of HCG diet should do.

Fatty foods like butter, avocado, sour cream, peanut butter, olive oil, Mexican foods, MCT oil, Greek Yogurt with protein, Macadamia nuts, heavy whipped cream, Guacamole, flax seed oil, coconut oil, coconut butter, cheeses, steaks, bacon, almond butter should be consumed for 2 days of the first HCG Diet step.