Your-HCG Diet Steps

Your-HCG Diet has three major steps. Each step of HCG diet is essential for great results achieved by a dieter. Loading Stage of HCG Diet needs to be done perfectly to prevent hunger and aggravation during first weeks of HCG Diet. More »

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List of vegetables and fruits allowed on HCG Diet

It is very restricted what you can and cannot eat on the stage 2 of HCG diet. To be successful with HCG diet exact following of instructions required. More »


Your Hcg Diet

Why choose your-hcg diet?

  1. Your-hcg diet is simple to follow. Order your-hcg drops and get easy to follow instructions.
  2. Immediate results : There is no need to wait a month or two to see real results. Day 1 and 2 are loading, Day 3 is an actual diet, results are seen on Day 4 in the morning! It is that easy!
  3. Cost: although our product is made in USA, in Utah, the price for HCG drops is very affordable.

HCG Diet Steps

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